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6631 A pair of F & C Osler white over yellow overlay decanters


Code: 6631

These decanters are a rare form of overlay decanters with the base layer being irridescent yellow and overlaid with white.  The colour was caused by the addition of uranium oxide which will glow green under an ultra-violet light source.   This pattern was made by the Birmingham company F & C Osler & Co and similar decanters were exhibited by the firm at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Of tall cylindrical outline with a slender trumpet-form neck and everted lip, these decanters are overlaid with opaque white and cut in a bullrush pattern to show the yellow beneath.  The stoppers are similarly yellow overlaid with white in a  writhen pattern and, like the decanters, are each numbered 20 and 21 (i.e. they are the original stoppers for the decanters).

These would be perfect decanters for a pair of fine sauternes or perhaps a pair of rare dessert Loire wines or even vin jaunes.

For a similar decanter see "The Decanter - An Illustrated History of Glass" by Andy McConnell p.352, pl.496/4

English, c.1850, 13.3",  33.8 cm, high incl stoppers