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6640 A good tall cylindrical teal decanter with silver mounts

£280.00 Approx $385.14, €327.87

Code: 6640

This handsome decanter, although the glass is teal-coloured, it is clearly intended for wine as the silver mount to both the decanter and the stopper are embossewd with fruiting vine decoration.

The decanter is tall and narrow - almost and Indian club shape, what Andy McConnell calls a 'bludgeon', although I am not sure I care for that moniker.  It is full-bottle size and is very attracive.  It is devoid of any decoration to the glass, but the silver mount has one surprise - it is clearly hallmarked for Sheffield and has the duty mark (the monarch's head) for William IV whose mark was used between 1835 and 1839, although he died in 1837.  There appears to be no date letter and the bottle mount has no marks.

This decanter would pair very well with 5266, and although there are slight differences in the silver mounts, they do look very well together.

English (Sheffield) c.1836, 14" , 35.5 cm. high.