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6653 A rare mid-18th century carafe


Code: 6653

This is a very unusual carafe.  It is mid-18th century (say 1740 - 1770) and is of shaft-and-globe form.  Its unusual feature is that the body sits in a bold calyx of gadrooning or radiating ribs.  It is also unusual in that it is not easy to identify its country of orogin.  We feel it is not English (although it may be) and it is not from southern Europe.  Perhaps it is Scandinavian, but we think the most likely candidate is Dutch. 

The csarafe has a simple ring near the rim of the neck and it holds a full bottle easily.  It is in very good bright condition with no cracks, or chips  and is very fit for purpose.  It is a wine vessel with character and attitude - we love it!

Dutch(?) c.1740 - 70,  8.4 ", 21.3 cm high.